Public Records Request

Police reports may only be released to authorized parties and according to State law. There are reports involving certain types of crimes that cannot be released to anyone except to the district attorneys or law enforcement agencies.

To obtain a copy of your police report, you must be:

  • A victim or a named party to the case.
  • An attorney, an authorized agent, or insurance representative. An attorney or authorized agent must include a signed authorization from the involved party. An authorized agent must also include a copy of the involved party’s identification. An insurance representative should reference the name of the insurance company and the insured party’s information.

Note: The Records Division is located in the Police Department at 388 88th Street, Broadmoor CA 94015. You may obtain help in person by entering the building through the Police Lobby (Monday – Thursda 7:30am – 3:00pm – Friday CLOSED). To contact police personnel after hours or if the lobby is closed for business, there is a yellow call box to the left of the lobby door that will connect you directly to the police dispatch center.

The California Public Records Act (the “Act”) was enacted to ensure public access to public records. You may request copies of specific information or materials and the District will provide this information, or an explanation of why it cannot be disclosed, as soon as possible consistent with the Act.

When submitting your request, please be as specific as possible (.i.e., provide dates of reports or actions, resolution and ordinance numbers, etc.)

After submitting, please wait for a call from department staff with instructions before coming to the station. The fee for reports is $25.

Payments can be made by  Credit or Debit card. No checks or cash are accepted.

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