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Click here to view the November 2023 Commission notice and agenda.


Support the district of Broadmoor regarding the Measure K funds that affect public safetry operations funding for the Broadmoor Police Department. Members of the public are welcome to attend and comment.
See below for more information along with meeting and call in details on October 17, 2023 at 9am.
Be heard…
October 17, 2023 – 9:00 AM
ITEM 15 Broadmoor Police Department
QUESTIONS 650-363-4572
Spoken Comments In person Participation:
Members of the public can also attend this meeting physically in the Board Chambers at 400 County Center, Redwood City.
1. If you wish to speak to the Board, please fill out a speaker’s slip located in the box on the wall in the anteroom as you enter the Board Chambers. If you have anything that you wish distributed to the Board and included in the official record, please hand it to the Assistant Clerk of the Board who will distribute the information to the Board members and staff.
Via Teleconference (Zoom):
1. The October 17, 2023 Board of Supervisors meeting may be accessed through Zoom online. The meeting ID is: 984 3257 8596. 2. You may download the Zoom client or connect to the meeting using an internet browser. If using your browser, make sure you are using a current, up -to-date browser: Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+, Microsoft Edge 12+, Safari 7+. Certain functionality may be disabled in older browsers including Internet Explorer. 3. You will be asked to enter an email address and name. We request that you identify yourself by name as this will be visible online and will be used to notify you that it is your turn to speak. 4. When the Board President or Clerk of the Board calls for the item on which you wish to speak, click on “raise hand.” Speakers will be notified shortly before they are called to speak.
The October 17, 2023 Board of Supervisors meeting may also be accessed via telephone by dialing +1 669 900 6833 (Local). Enter the webinar ID: 984 3257 8596, then press #. Find your local number.
Written Comments:
Written public comments may be emailed in advance of the meeting. Please read the following instructions carefully: 1. Your written comment should be emailed to boardfeedback@smcgov.org . 2. Your email should include the specific agenda item on which you are commenting, or note that your comment concerns an item that is not on the agenda or is on the consent agenda. 3. Members of the public are limited to one comment per agenda item. 4. The length of the emailed comment should be commensurate with the two minutes customarily allowed for verbal comments, which is approximately 250 300 words. 5. If your emailed comment is received by 5:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting, it will be provided to the Members of the Board and made publicly available on the agenda website under the specific item to which your comment pertains. If e mailed comments are received after 5:00p.m.
on the day before the meeting, the Clerk will make every effort to either (i) provide such e mailed comments to the Board and make such e mails publicly available on the agenda website prior to the meeting, or (ii) read such emails during the meeting. Whether such e mailed comments are forwarded and posted, or are read during the meeting, they will still be included in the administrative record.
Note: The Exact time of the item above may go past 9am. Please be patient.


Click here to view the District Resolution No. 2023/2024-01.

Click here to view the District Payrates Resolution No. 2022/23-09.

Click here to view Resolution 2022/23-08, Chief Love’s Disability Retirement.

Any questions about any resolutions, contact us.


District meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM unless cancelled.  Special meetings of the district are posted 24 hrs in advance of said meeting.



Have you considered community involvement by assisting the police department?

The Broadmoor Police Department has a “civilian” Volunteer in Policing unit that provides for general support activities for the department.  The unit consists of unpaid volunteers that assist the department in activities ranging from civil emergency assistance, administrative assistance, facilities support, and community event participation.

If you think that you may be interested in becoming a VIP, please submit an application on line as a ‘Volunteer in Policing”, once the application is received it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the VIP coordinator.

The process consists of an initial interview, a background check, management review and a assessment of your skills and abilities to assist the community.

Click here to apply as a VIP.

Click here to view the approved Fiscal Year Budget 2023/2024.


Click here to view the 2018-2023 Broadmoor Budgets.


Click here to view the adopted commission meeting rules.  Any questions about said rules please contact us.


Click here to view the memorandum of agreement.



Click here to view the Lafco Special Study report.


The Broadmoor Police Protection District will have two (2) Commissioner positions open for election to the Broadmoor Police Commission.  The terms of Ralph Hutchens and Marie Brizuela are set to expire in November of this year.  The District will be participating in the California Statewide General Election which will be conducted on our behalf through the San Mateo County Elections Office.

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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the approval, acquisition, and reporting requirements of military equipment (Government Code § 7070; Government Code § 7071; Government Code § 7072). This policy shall be made publicly available on the internet website of the Broadmoor Police Department for as long as the Military Equipment is available for use.

Click here to view the Military Equipment Policy



On December 9, 2021, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Office of Audit Services completed an Employer Compliance Review Audit of the Broadmoor Police Protection District.

The audit outlined an investigation that was initiated by our current and recent administration probing misconduct by former top employees who fraudulently obtained government funds.

A full copy of the report is listed below along with the Broadmoor Police Protection District’s response.

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, the Broadmoor Police Protection District will provide additional information when it becomes available.

Click here to view the signed media release.

Click here to view the report.

SB 978 Documents

Click here to view the Firearms Policy.
Click here to view the Patrol Rifle Policy.
Click here to view the Arrest & Control Policy.
Click here to view the Taser Policy.

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The Broadmoor Police Protection District is a Police Commission of three residents elected at large by the voters of the district.

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