Police Appreciation Day

A message from Chief Connolly

Today is National Police Appreciation Day. In our profession, we do not seek out accolades or recognition, nor do we seek reward for what we do in our chosen profession; rather we take solace in knowing that we are making society a better place for our communities and ultimately our families to live. The events of the past year and even more so this past week have challenged our profession and called into question our ethics, tactics and motivations for being in law enforcement.

We all took and oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and California. That means something to us and to many people we serve. As the Chief of Broadmoor and a resident of this community I thank you for your service and commitment to our profession and this community. We are the silent professionals and will stand tall in the face of adversity and rise to each and every challenge that is presented to us.

We will listen intently and act with integrity because that is what our chosen profession calls us to do and that is why we raised our hands and swore an oath of allegiance. I salute you all and say thank you! Be safe, be vigilant!

Chief Michael Connolly