The History Of Broadmoor Continued

Other Historical Facts

The naming of several of Broadmoor streets are unique as Broadmoor is itself: Stewart Avenue was named after E. B. Stewart, Secretary of the Stoneson Development Corporation. Maddux Drive was named after Parker S. Maddux, President of the San Francisco Bank. Mr. Maddux was a signatory on the original Covenants, Conditions & Regulations (guidelines established to enhance the quality of living and preserve property values) for the Broadmoor community.

Broadmoor HistoryStreets named after prominent individuals and historic locations of World War II include: MacArthur Drive (General of the Army Douglas MacArthur), Nimitz Drive (Admiral of the Fleet Chester M. Nimitz), Bradley Drive (General of the Army Omar Bradley), Manila Way and Midway Drive (Philippines – locations of significant battles.)

Historic State Highway 82, known as El Camino Real, runs through Broadmoor. In 1769, El Camino Real, or “The Royal Road”, was just a footpath begun by the Franciscans led by Father Junipero Serra that joined the twenty one Franciscan Missions, Pueblos, and Presidios. It is a continuous road over seven hundred miles in length and is marked by the unique and picturesque Mission Bell guideposts which originally gave distances between the principal towns and directions to the Missions. The bells are placed along the road not merely as landmarks and guides to travelers, but as testimonials to the work of the Franciscan padres who were the pioneers that settled California in 1769.

Establishment of the Broadmoor Police Protection District

On September 7, 1948, a petition was filed with the County Clerk of San Mateo County by citizens of Broadmoor “praying and petitioning” that they be allowed to create a municipal police department which became known as the “Broadmoor Police Protection District”. At that particular time the only law enforcement agency charged with the protection of life and property in the unincorporated Broadmoor/Colma area was the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. These services were headquartered some 30 – 40 minutes driving time away (before the advent of interstate freeways). The Broadmoor Police Protection District was established by San Mateo County Board of Supervisors resolution #3792 on December 21, 1948. Three Commissioners were appointed to the Board until an election could be held in April of 1949. A summary of the reason for the establishment of the District was delivered as follows:

“A local law enforcement agency is needed to supplement the existing county law enforcement officers in order to adequately protect the lives of the over 5,000 inhabitants of this area.”

The average response time to calls made to the Broadmoor Police Department for service is under three minutes.

Broadmoor History

In 1948 Police Protection Districts were common in California although on October 1, 1959, the state legislature abolished the formation of new police protection districts. The remaining police protection districts were allowed to continue in operation. By 1986 Broadmoor was the only remaining Police Protection District operational under the California State Health and Safety Code.

The District has operated continuously since 1948 with the exception of a period from January 1, 1977, to February 1978. During that period there were difficulties in acquiring suitable liability insurance. The difficulties stemmed from self-serving political interests of two police commissioners who were eventually voted out of office in November of 1977. Subsequent contractional agreements with the City of Daly City and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office maintained police services to the District during this period.