Message from Chief Michael Connolly:

The Broadmoor Police Department, along with our partner agencies have recently deployed to Oakland, California, and now to San Francisco as part of our Law Enforcement Mutual Aid agreement.

I want to ensure that you, our partners in our communities, know and understand that we are ensuring our commitment to keep you safe and protected. We have all brought in additional personnel to assist our neighboring cities while being mindful of the concern and fear these times are creating.

Last night in Colma, looters attacked a commercial establishment. In response to the call for assistance from Colma PD, Broadmoor and Daly City Police assisted with response and securing of the establisment. We hope this was an isolated event, but are well prepared to deal with any further acts of looting or vandalism.

We will continue to provide protection and aid to all while assisting Oakland and San Francisco.

I ask for your support and positive thoughts for all first responders during this unprecedented and historical series of events.

Lastly and most importantly, I, along with my fellow Police Chiefs and Police Officers are sickened by the action of the police officers in Minneapolis which lead to the death of Mr. George Floyd.

The actions of those officers do not reflect the training, commitment and dedication to excellence the vast majority of us have in law enforcement.

As a thirty-seven year law enforcment veteran, I am deeply saddened by that event and equally saddened by what is now unfolding across the nation. I stand beside my colleagues in saying we will do all we can to invest in our relationships with you to strenghten our foundations as a profession and ensure the bonds of trust are restored and maintained.

Chief of Police Michael P. Connolly
Broadmoor Police Department